Unbreakable liquid crystal thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of the bath water, checking that it is always the ideal and pleasant one for the child's relaxation. Useful for the mother and fun for the baby.

For the production of this thermometer, materials that do not irritate the skin were used.
It has no mechanical parts that can break or deteriorate, and this allows it to withstand numerous uses.
Long lasting (it has no batteries) and thanks to the high quality of the materials, this thermometer can be used countless times.
All IPS products are made in Italy in compliance with current European regulations. ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.
1. Immerse the thermometer in water and wait a few seconds
2. The temperature is the highest visible value. If the thermometer remains black, the water temperature is too cold (below 32 ° C)
3. If it turns dark blue it is too hot (above 42 ° C). The ideal water temperature is between 36 and 38 ° C. If two numbers are visible at the same time, the temperature is the intermediate one.