Energy SavingThermometer

Energy Saving Thermometer indicates the ambient temperature to save energy and cut heating costs.

Energy Saving Thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature in our homes and offices to check the regular operation of the heating system and helps to maintain the correct room temperature to avoid wasting energy and money.

Furthermore, regulating the temperature of the rooms in which we stay, especially in winter, is very important for our well-being.

The ideal ambient temperature should be around 19 °. Maintaining this level of heat will not only avoid severe headaches and possible respiratory problems, but also seasonal ailments such as colds and flu.

In the dining room we can keep the temperature around 19 °, being the room where we usually spend most of our time; in the bedroom, however, the temperature should not exceed 16 degrees for proper breathing

Finally, in the kitchen, which is the hottest place in the house thanks to the oven and stove, we recommend not exceeding 18°.

In the office, the recommended temperature is 19/20°C as an environment that is too hot compromises productivity and concentration.

A useful tip: lowering the temperature by one degree saves 5-6% of energy.