It indicates in 15 seconds if the temperature is normal (N) or the feverish state (37-38-39-40 ° C). Each blister contains 1 FEVERTEST. Useful for the whole family.

Medical device with measurement function compliant with the European Directive 93/42 / EEC – Medical Devices.
For the production of this thermometer, materials that do not irritate the skin were used.
Thanks to its practical shape, you can take it with you - in your handbag, in your wallet, in the car.
In 15 seconds it is possible to read the body temperature.
It has no mechanical parts that can break or deteriorate, and this allows it to withstand numerous uses.
Long lasting (it has no batteries) and thanks to the high quality of the materials, this thermometer can be used countless times.
All IPS products are made in Italy in compliance with current European regulations. ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
1. Place FEVERTEST on the forehead holding it by the ends.

2. and after 15 seconds the letter N appears, the temperature is normal. If other numbers appear after the N, the body temperature will be the highest visible.